A 9m2+ antique ceramic St Ghislaine floor with triple border tiles (CL15)

A 9m2+ antique ceramic St Ghislaine floor with triple border tiles

SOLD  SOLD  SOLD  A 9m2+ / 97 sq ft antique ceramic encaustic floor complete with its original triple lay border tiles for which all the border corner tiles are present. The tiles are 14.2cm square, 15mm thick and are reverse stamped St. G, an abbreviation for the period manufacturer, St. Ghislain, an ancient town in the Hainaut province of French speaking Belgium not far from the French border. Reclaimed from the kitchen of a town house built between 1900-1920 the floor offers a simple and easy on the eye tessellation with the chained central blue motif joined at each corner by triangles, which replicate 'cabachons' or tile inserts, creating the impression of an octagonal tile rather than a square. The palette is cool in charcoal, whites and grey.

The floor has been completely cleaned of its old mortar, to the reverse and sides and the faces have been restored to reveal an excellent ceramic with a good slip. The tiles are in excellent condition, some display small groutable chips and edge nibbles, expected of an antique floor but the patina is pleasing as the high resolution photographs of a metre square plus section of the floor detail. Being a highly fired tile they can be laid inside or outside of the home and, as excellent conductors and retainers of heat, can be used with underfloor heating systems. The floor will not require sealing once laid and a waxing is merely optional for the finish you may desire. A regular washing is all that is required to maintain the beauty of the tile.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Main field tiles - 335 totalling 6.7m2 / 72 sq.ft

Large border tiles - 58 plus 4 corner tiles - 8.8 linear metres / 29 linear feet (1.25m2 / 13.5 sq ft in surface area)

Small border tiles - 100 plus 8 corner tiles - 15.5 linear metres / 47.5 linear feet (1.02m2 / 11 sq ft in surface area) 

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