8m2+ antique French ceramic damier floor c.1913-1920 (CE176-1)

8m2+ antique French ceramic damier floor c.1913-1920


A striking French ceramic damier floor, dating from the early part of the twentieth century, comprising of a plain white 15.5cm square ceramic tile and a same sized motif tile in a warm palette of burnt red, primrose blue and barley. The motif tiles were without doubt handmade in batches as there is colour variation in the fond of the tile which can be seen in the photographs below. We have included one photograph showing the widest tonal variation.

Recovered from the reception room of a house in the city of Valenciennes, Nord Pas de Calais the floor has cleaned well of years of layered wax and the motif tiles once again display their original crisp colours and deep slip. The white ceramics have a rich patina with small chips and edge nibbles present on many tiles, all groutable and all adding to the charm and time worn character of the floor. Some also display small surface capillary cracks, formed when the tile left the kiln and cooled in a humid environment. The photographs below of around 1m2 of the floor are an accurate random representation of the floor as a whole.

The floor will not require sealing once relaid and will only need a regular wash to retain its beauty. Being ceramic tiles they can be laid inside or outside of the home and will work very efficiently with underfloor heating systems.


Tile quantities, give or take one or two:-

Motif tiles - 185 (4.45 m2)

White ceramic - 170 (4.1 m2)



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