18m2 / 195 sq ft of antique Boch Freres damier tiles - early 20th century (CE235)

18m2 / 195 sq ft of antique Boch Freres damier tiles - early 20th century

NOTE:- Can be purchased by the square metre

A large surface of antique French damier tiles, in chocolate brown and turquoise, manufactured at the turn of the last century by the heritage and internationally known tile producer, Boch Freres de Maubeuge.

These quality ceramics are 15cm square, 16mm thick and the surface area is 18m2 / 195 sq ft.

There are 470 brown tiles (10.6 m2) and 325 turquoise tiles (7.3m2) plus a substantial number of free reject tiles that can be used for cuts and which are mainly turqouise.

One for the purist, the floor offers up a simple French chessboard damier,  ideal in a large bathroom, entrance hall or kitchen. Being a tile fired to over 1,000F degrees they can be laid inside or outside of the home (so a garden path or patio presents options) and will work efficiently with underfloor heating systems.

The heritage of the tiles is interesting; they have been reclaimed from a Relais du Halage on the Canal de la Deule, close to Carvin, Nord Pas de Calais. The Canal is close to both the large French city of Lille and the Belgian border. A Relais du Halage (Halage being the French word for Haulage) was a building used to store equipment to facilitate the hauling of the Peniches along sections of the canal where, owing to a multiple of factors like canal narrowing, obstructing buildings or bridges, absence of wind etc. it was impossible for the Peniche to navigate under its sails. As a consequence they had to be pulled by pairs of horses operating from the side of the canal to a point where the Peniche could once again raise its sails. As trains or traction engines became more widely used they would replace the role of the horses. For your pleasure we have included some photographs from the late 19th century through into the early 20th century showing both methods. 

The tiles have cleaned well as the high resolution photographs show; the ceramic is excellent, the slip consistent. Some tiles display edge nibbles and small chips expected of a floor of this age, all groutable and all adding to the charming patina of the floor. Should a border tile be desired for the floor click here to see options we currently have available which we would be happy to photograph alongside the damier tiles for you.

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